Moonlight Studios offers photography services, restoration of old treasured photographs, creating custom digital illustrations (including Facebook banners, etc.), designing and printing any promotional material (i.e. flyers, brochures and banners for tradeshows), and designing websites. We also produce custom artwork, such as digital pencil sketches or watercolor drawings of any photograph provided to us.  We have the ability to produce anything that can be viewed on screen or in print. Our focus is to provide an outstanding product that you will be proud to use as a representation of your business, organization or as a treasured gift to someone very special in your life.

We offer over 35 years in the Art/Graphics Industry, with the creation of over seventy websites, a multitude of logos, producing many t-shirts, professionally photographing events (many with celebrities).  Among all of this, our proudest achievement is the free time we invest in helping homeless animals via our photography, graphics and networking skills. Since our passions are art/photography and design along with helping homeless animals, we promise you that a percentage of any fees that we collect will be donated to help save the sweet life of a homeless dog or cat.

Hope to do business.

Helene Scharf